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Indigenous Ministries

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About Indigenous Ministries

The Office of Indigenous Ministries celebrates the longstanding presence and influence of Native Americans throughout the history of The Episcopal Church. 

Exercising a deep spirituality grounded in respect for and care of creation and others, Indigenous Episcopalians enrich the church through myriad roles in lay and ordained ministry, modeling wisdom, resilience, and forbearance.

Indigenous Ministries works for the full inclusion of Indigenous people in the life and leadership of the church.

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Featured Stories from Indigenous Ministries

The Rev. Carl Southerland speaks after revealing the Sand Town sign.
St. John's, Cartoogechaye , Franklin, NC

Tale of Resolve: Remembering Cherokee Sand Town at St. John’s, Cartoogechaye

On Saturday, June 3, 2023, about 150 people gathered at St. John’s Episcopal Church in the Cartoogechaye community of Franklin for the unveiling of a sign that tells the story of Sand Town (Nvyohi), one of many post-removal Native American towns in North Carolina.


The Rev. Dr. Brad Hauff

Missioner for Indigenous Ministries
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