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The open door of a small church

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Welcome to the Episcopal Asset Map!

This site offers an opportunity to share the ways that the Holy Spirit is moving through our Episcopal communities. YOU DO NOT NEED A LOG IN TO ADD INFORMATION. The site shows the ways that the Jesus Movement is active in our local communities through worship, ministry, and service. Simply find your Episcopal place on the map, click the "Update this place" and tell your story. Once information is submitted it will be reviewed and approved by a Bishop appointed map administrator.

With the Episcopal Asset Map, you have the opportunity to tell the Church and the world about how your congregation is being called to serve God and neighbor. When you share your faith stories, worship styles, ministries, and more, you widen the network of ministry experts in the Church and provide others with information that can help them as they discern where the Spirit is calling.

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Puerto Ricans who moved to Central Florida after Hurricane María had more difficulties adjusting than those who settled in South Florida, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Miami.