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St. John's, Cartoogechaye

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St. John's is a welcoming spiritual community of Christian fellowship
​where all are truly invited to join us in our journey of faith.

Worship times

9:30 am
Holy Eucharist followed by an hour of fellowship over a cup of coffee and light refreshments.
1st Wednesday of the month
5:00 pm
Holy Eucharist


Food and other donations

Donation Coordination/Distribution
Meal Programs

We are active with the local Community Clinic, providing food for the volunteers every other month;

the Serving Spoon, cooking and serving dinner to the homeless and those in need five times a year; 

Macon New Beginnings, supporting through financial, food and clothing donations; 

Cartoogechaye Elementary, providing assistance in cafeteria needs, supplies for children, and donations to the clothing closet;

 REACH program, supporting through monetary donations; 

Macon Program for Progress, providing Christmas presents, financial gifts for two disabled adults and a family with three to four children;

Church of the Advocate, cooking and serving a meal to the Sunday service


Call the Church office (828) 524-6370

News about St. John's, Cartoogechaye

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The Rev. Carl Southerland speaks after revealing the Sand Town sign.
St. John's, Cartoogechaye , Franklin, NC

Tale of Resolve: Remembering Cherokee Sand Town at St. John’s, Cartoogechaye

On Saturday, June 3, 2023, about 150 people gathered at St. John’s Episcopal Church in the Cartoogechaye community of Franklin for the unveiling of a sign that tells the story of Sand Town (Nvyohi), one of many post-removal Native American towns in North Carolina.