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St. Francis in the Redwoods Mission

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Saint Francis is a mixed faith community with less than half of us cradle Episcopilians. We were one of the original Total Ministry congregations in our diocese and we still fully embrace this method of running a church. We continue to offer live Sunday services online which has attracted new (and old) members from around our country and the world. Half of our congregation does not have internet access so our services are largely held over the phone lines. Contact us if you are interested in joining us.


We built a straw-bale church using local resources, which is not only beautiful but also profoundly green. We have six people who preach in rotation, half of us are lay preachers. We have three Episcopal priests as well as a retired Methodist minister in our congregation. Our deacon Rev Donnalee Hart is currently stuck in Kerala India but regularly delivers her services from there.

News about St. Francis in the Redwoods Mission

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St. Francis in the Redwoods Mission, Willits, CA

Services at Saint Francis in the Redwoods

When the corona virus closed our church to physically present public services we committed to continue to offer our services online. One problem was that less than half our congregation had online access (no wifi, no computer, no smart phones, nada) so we instituted a hybrid system.