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Church of the Common Ground

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The Church of the Common Ground is a church community on the streets of Atlanta living the Good News that we are all God’s beloved. It is a worshiping community of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta.

We strive to be a sacramental and pastoral presence for those who live on the margins of society. All people find in Church of the Common Ground an open, welcoming space where they can worship, pray, serve others and grow together. We grow in the awareness that God has given gifts to each of us, and that God calls us to use those gifts to serve one another and to minister to the needs of the world.

Worship times

1:00 pm
Our Eucharistic Service is every Sunday at 1pm in Woodruff Park. We have an adapted liturgy. Members of Church of the Common Ground take turns on the "worship team," acting as greeters, readers and members of the choir. We welcome visitors, either individually or in groups, to worship with us. We gather for fellowship and the coffee hour preceding the service at 12:15pm.
11:00 am
Morning Prayer:
Church of the Common Ground meets twice a week for Morning Prayer. We believe that corporate prayer is an important part of a person's journey, regardless of our situation, and that praying for each other is essential for community. We meet for Morning Prayer on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:00am-12:00pm in the courtyard of Central Outreach, adjacent to the Capitol. We gather at 10:30am for coffee, fellowship, and pastoral care.
11:00 am
Morning Prayer - 11:00am-12:00pm in the Courtyard of Central Outreach. Coffee, fellowship, and pastoral care is offered 10:30-11am.
9:30 am
Not a worship service, but a regular act of service, fellowship, and pastoral care, our weekly Foot Clinic is held at St. Luke's Park on the grounds of St. Luke's Episcopal Church from May through October, and inside Gateway Shelter from December through March, 9:30-11:30am. Volunteers are welcome.
2:30 pm
Bible Study is held weekly at Woodruff Park from 2:30-3:30pm, with fellowship and refreshments in the half hour preceding and following Bible Study.

Volunteer opportunities

One time opportunities
Ongoing commitment opportunities



Common Soles Foot Clinic

Aging, Health and Wellbeing

    Church of the Common Ground draws its inspiration for Common Soles from Genesis, where Abraham says to same weary travelers: "Let a little water be brought, and wash your feet, and rest yourselves under this tree."Common Soles creates a space for men and women on the streets to relax and refresh themselves for their journey. In addition to washing and massaging feet, we offer clean socks, lemonade and a listening ear.

Pastoral Visits

Aging, Health and Wellbeing

Pastoral visits are an important part of any church community. As pastoral caregivers, clergy and volunteers at Church of the Common Ground offer a holding place for individuals to tell their stories and share their experiences.

Bible Study

Faith Formation

The men and women who worship with us come from diverse backgrounds and have many different ideas and opinions about God and how the Spirit works in our lives. Bible study is great way for us to read the Word, and share our different perspectives and experiences on how God is speaking to us through the text. Bible study is normally held on Wednesdays at 3pm at the library Kiosk of Woodruff Park. After Bible study, we share in fellowship and prayer while enjoying lunches prepared by Church of Our Savior. 

News about Church of the Common Ground

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service at Church of the Common Ground
Church of the Common Ground, Atlanta, GA

Church of the Common Ground worships on the streets of Atlanta

Church of the Common Ground is a church community on the streets of Atlanta living the Good News that we are all God’s beloved. We’re like any other church—we just don’t have a building.


PO Box 4548
Atlanta, GA 30302
United States



The Very Reverend Monica Mainwaring


Organized groups

Bible study
Habitat for Humanity
Lay pastoral care (e.g. Stephen Ministry, Community of Hope)
Neighborhood associations

Other community groups

Crossroads Community Ministries
Central Outreach and Advocacy Center
Gateway Center
Good Samaritan Health Clinic