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St. Paul's Episcopal Church

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A warm community, where the priority is placed on love -- non-judgmental, fully inclusive.
Here we speak as honestly as we can, and the question is at least as important as the answer.
Our long-standing motto is that we are a "visible sign of the love of God."
And we find our work in Jesus' "new" commandment to love and to serve.

Worship times

10:00 am
Fully inclusive, ancient and modern, mysterious and edifying, accessible, joyful, and refreshing that draws everyone a bit closer to the heart of God. (Or at least that's what we're shooting for).

Volunteer opportunities

One time opportunities
Ongoing commitment opportunities

Free Clinic translators, helpers, medical professionals


SC Free Clinic

Aging, Health and Wellbeing

Emergency Food Closet

Food Pantries

News about St. Paul's Episcopal Church

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