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St. Thomas, Dupont Circle

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Founded 1891 in Dupont Circle, an Episcopal church welcoming all across the spectrum of society.  

An inclusive congregation in the heart of the nation’s capital, our life and service together centers upon God’s radical hospitality, inviting us to be fed at God’s table in the Holy Eucharist so that we in turn can help feed a world hungry for grace, justice, and reconciliation.

The mission statement of our parish is:

As St. Thomas′ Parish, we are followers of Jesus, striving
 to see Christ in each person, and to be Christ in our community, our city, and our world.

Through our liturgy, music, community life, opportunities for spiritual growth, and active care for the least among our neighbors, we strive to see Christ alive in our world, and to be Christ for others, as we model courageous love, compassionate justice, and self-giving service.

Worship times

10:30 am
Our principle service includes a sermon and music, usually with a choir, 1517 18th Street, NW Washington, DC 20036. All are welcome at our table for communion as it is God’s table not ours. It is made ready for those whom God loves – those who love God and those who desire to know God’s love more deeply. So, come, you have much faith and you who have little, you who have been here often and you who have not been here long, you who have tried to follow and you who have failed. Come, because it is God who invites you. It is God’s will that those who want to know God will meet God there.


Sacred Ground Race Dialogue Circles

Racial Reconciliation
Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground is dialogue series on race, grounded in faith.  Small groups are invited to walk through chapters of America’s history of race, racism, and whiteness while weaving in threads of family story, economic class, and political and regional identity. The 10-part series is built around a powerful online curriculum of documentary films and readings that focus on Indigenous, Black, Latino, and Asian/Pacific American histories as they intersect with European American histories.

Sacred Ground is a resource coming out of Becoming Beloved Community, The Episcopal Church’s long-term commitment to racial healing, reconciliation, and justice in our personal lives, our ministries, and our society.  This series is especially designed to help white people talk with other white people, while being open to all racial/ethnic groups.  Participants are invited to peel away the layers that have contributed to the challenges and divides of the present day – all while grounded in our call to faith, hope and love.

News about St. Thomas, Dupont Circle

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Image of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry.
St. Thomas, Dupont Circle, Washington, DC

Episcopal Young Adults to host Presiding Bishop Michael Curry at St. Thomas’ Dupont Circle Jan 24 2020

St. Thomas’ Parish hosts an evening with our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry on behalf of Episcopal Diocese of Washington Young Adults!

RSVP at the link attached: