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St. Peter's Episcopal Church

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We believe in an embracing, forgiving and merciful God whose chief characteristic is love WE believe God is constantly reaching out to us and that we can experience the heart of God through Jesus Christ. We believe that Christ bridges the chasm that separates us from God, and we seek to follow Christ's teachings in faith and action.

With a big community that feels like a small family, we are always eager to meet new people. Join us for worship services, come to one of our events, get to know us, and decide on your personal next steps.  We are a growing church with members who are dedicated to their community.  We strive to do what we can for the community and are always welcoming to new members.

The first church services in this area were held at Fort Union in the late 1870s.  The Fort was the hub of fur trade and the managers were Englishmen so the services were read from the Book of Common Prayer of England.  From the 1870s to 1890s, there were regular Protestant Episcopal services held at Fort Bufort until the abandonment of the Fort.  St. Peter’s in Williston was established by The Rt. Rev. Samuel Cook Edsal on April 27, 1900, and St. Peter’s was named after his home church in Dixon, Illinois.  The present church building was dedicated on January 22, 1958.

The church is experiencing new vitality.  We have experienced growth in discipleship and community which expresses itself in stronger stewardship and outreach.

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10:00 am
Sunday Morning Service

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