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Diocese of North Dakota

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About Diocese of North Dakota

Our Vision Statement

Our goal is to be a community of faith where the ministries of all baptized members are actively discerned, developed, and respected. Our ministries will include both a cross-cultural and inter-generational emphasis reflecting our diversity and will encompass ministries both within and beyond our congregations and the Diocese. We will strive to grow in mission and ministry: deepening our faith through study and the sacraments, sharing our faith in daily living, and reaching out to others in service as we seek to act out the ministry of Jesus Christ both at home and in the world. We will deepen our life together in our congregations and across the Diocese through creatively and responsibly using both traditional and innovative means of communication and community building in order to become more fully what God calls us to be as Christians.

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Jessica Thielke

Diocesan Administrator

The Rev. Steve Godfrey

Diocesan Minister