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Diocese of Florida

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About Diocese of Florida

The Diocese of Florida, seven parishes strong, officially formed on January 17, 1838 and was received into union with the General Convention of the Episcopal Church on September 7, 1838.  Despite natural disasters, plagues, war, economic depressions, cultural changes and disagreements within the Church, the faithful and persevering bishops, priests and laity of the Diocese of Florida have forged ahead over the past 180 years and remained focused and true to God's call. The call to live and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in community, Eucharist and servant hood ministry is never realized without great sacrifice or great thanksgiving for all that has been accomplished. The call to serve all God's people in North Florida has remained steadfast and directed by the Holy Spirit over the past 170 years in the Diocese of Florida.  Living and proclaiming the gospel in community and servant hood ministry will continue to be the call into the future, thanks be to God.

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The Rt. Rev. Samuel Johnson Howard

8th Bishop of Florida