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New Trinity Episcopal Cathedral logo symbolizes rebirth in faith, love and outreach

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral has shared its new logo to the congregation, the diocese, the National Church, and the world


Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, in the heart of downtown San Jose, has premiered its new logo to the Community, Diocese, National Church and the World at large. On this day, the Easter Vigil in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic, all of us await the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is fitting to share this new logo as a symbol of our rebirth in Faith, Love and Outreach.

The Trinity Cathedral Marketing Committee discerned this image after consultation with an image creator and graphic artist, Amos McCray Goldsmith. We are eternally thankful for his work and that of our Marketing Committee, led by our Priest in Charge, the Rev. Julia McCray Goldsmith.

This image incorporates aspects of our community common to all of us in a simple yet assertive manner: Faith (in the form of the Trinity); Love (in the form of the heart) and Outreach (fishers of people; symbolically in the abstract fish). The image can be crafted in many colors, tones and abstractions. We look forward to our community sharing multiple interpretations over time as will we. Just imagine an American flag on the 4th of July; the flag of Mexico on Mexican Independence Day; the Maple Leaf in honor of our Northern Neighbors; the list is endless.

Note-- our Trinity Cathedral shield, with all its symbolism and history, is not being discarded. It will remain as the official Seal of the Cathedral and regularly utilized in official documents, banners and other documents.

The word “logo” comes from the Greek (“reason,” “word,” “speech,” or “principle.” In Greek philosophy, it related to a universal, divine reason or the mind of God). As you embrace this new identity that we share to the outside world, recognize the spirit and grace of Trinity does not change. We remain a people of Faith, Love and Outreach.

In this ever changing world, Trinity must remain relevant and approachable to new generations, diverse communities and endless possibilities. Help us share the good work we do at Trinity and breathe life into this new logo; this word of Faith, Love and Outreach.