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St. James small church

St. James Episcopal Church of Mooresville NC


St. James is known around the area as the small church with a big heart. The church was founded by the Mills Family in their home in the late 1790s or early 1800s where our cemetery stands today. The current church building was built in 1856 with the help of neighboring counties and their funding. The building was bricked in 1955 (or 1956) to preserve the building as it stands now. Our parish hall, called Shinn Hall, was built in 1997. The surrounding community has shared many fundraisers in the hall with St. James members.

The church has a partnership with our local elementary school where we do an annual school supply drive and have dinners where the school shares the proceeds to fund needs of the school. The church has several volunteers who assist at the school to help children who need tutoring with reading and other things.

Another mission is the Mooresville Soup Kitchen where veterans, homeless, elderly and low-income people in the community are fed. They also deliver to those who can't get to either of the soup kitchen's two locations for lunch. A food pantry for those in need was recently added. Members at St. James donate various foods and products to the soup kitchen.