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Leaders Who Transform the World


Camps and conference centers form the future leaders of the world. Since 1989, Episcopal Camps & Conference Centers has supported the programs and sites that form and transform these leaders, through online and in-person education, networking opportunities, and advocacy. ECCC exists to build community that inspires transformative leadership. Because of the pandemic and its impact on our members, ECCC is facing a 40% shortfall in dues. Dues support everything that ECCC does, equipping camps and conference centers to thrive, and building generations of empowered young people and adults. Give at:​.

During COVID-19, ECCC has directly supported camp and conference center directors as they navigate small business loans, launch virtual camp programming, overhaul their cleaning protocols, initiative feeding ministries, and more, as they work hard to safely and thoughtfully respond to the needs of their communities. Alongside these COVID-19 responses and initiatives, our Episcopal camps and conference centers are engaging in intentional racial justice work, evaluating programs and structures, and participating in online discussion groups, using the Sacred Ground and My Work To Do curriculums.

The world won’t look the same after 2020; none of us will. We need new resources, responsive programming, and new skills. To ensure that camps and conference centers are there when we are all ready to gather in-person again, please support ECCC. Gifts directly drive ECCC's education and networking offerings. Every donation helps us continue to educate and empower the leaders who will transform the church and world, so please help however you can today. Set-up a one-time or recurring gift today -- and encourage your social networks to join you: