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Bishop and communities members assist in community clean up after Hurricane damage

Hurricane Irma Long Term Recovery Program in the Florida Keys


The Temporary Disaster Trailer Recovery Program has provided 3- month homes to 80 families and individuals in the Lower and Middle Florida Keys. The RV trailers have provided places for people to live while they rebuild or locate homes and apartments in an area where significant numbers of housing stock was completely destroyed or damaged.  This Temporary RV housing has enabled people to remain in the local workforce schools and within the community as recovery continues. Significant accomplishments during this period include networking within the community to increase the numbers of trailers available by providing a 4 to 1 match on the initial Episcopal Relief & Development grant funding. Achieving the goal of moving people into their own new housing or repaired housing within the three- month timeline and continuing to outreach and network within the community to offer housing to those still suffering and living in tents and cars was successful.