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Young Adult Campus Ministries Grant 2023

2023 Young Adult and Campus Ministry Grant Recipient - 20’s & 30’s Ministry


20’s & 30’s Ministry                                                                                                  $8000
Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe
Ensemble: re-Energize the 20s & 30s Ministry at the American Cathedral in Paris Post Covid

Through a series of precise events, activities and social actions, we plan to ensure the continuity and stability of the Young Adult ministry in Paris. Our goal is that every activity is properly funded, that our parishioners are able to be part of it, regardless of their financial capacity, and that the funds will launch a long term plan to make the community organically grow and develop. Thanks to an influx of resources, it will help this currently unfunded ministry to continue to be actively participative with other ministries in the Cathedral and set it on a path towards sustainable growth and demonstrable impact. We would like to be able to be more hospitable and reachable to young adults across Paris, and our episcopal siblings across Europe.

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