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Diocese of Western Kansas

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About Diocese of Western Kansas

The Diocese of Western Kansas welcomes begin to get to know us, who we are, what we stand for and what we seek to be. We draw significant strength from our people! People with a variety of faith backgrounds, ethnicities, socio-economic statuses, interests, skills, and abilities. Many of our members have lived in Western Kansas all of their lives. Others are transplants, come to Western Kansas for various reasons.. Our membership also draws from a large geographical area. Our Diocese spans 2/3rds of the state. We are united by our mission, and our common values:

  • Worship is the center of our church life and forms the spiritual foundation that sustains and strengthens our relationships with God, each other, and our neighbors.

  • We believe that we are called to use our talents and resources to serve God by improving the lives of those we meet at our church and in the community.

  • We value all people regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, economic condition, age, gender, marital status, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression and seek to find ways to welcome them to the Lord’s table.

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