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Diocese of Springfield

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About Diocese of Springfield

We are Christians

We proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord. We are baptized into his death and resurrection. We strive to follow him in all things.

We are Catholics

Our faith and practice is grounded in the tradition of the Church–that is, what has been handed on to us– going back to Jesus and the apostles. (No, we’re not RomanCatholics, though we have much in common with our friends in that tradition.)

We are Anglicans

Our spiritual ‘DNA’ comes from the Church of England, and we are part of the family of 38 churches, all over the world, in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

We are Episcopalians

The Episcopal Church, established in 1789, is the American expression of Anglican Christianity. We are one of 110 dioceses that mutually support one another in a common doctrine, discipline, and worship.

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Featured Stories From Around the Diocese of Springfield

St. Mark's Episcopal Church, West Frankfort, IL

Outreach Ministries

St. Mark's is small but mighty. We are actively engaged in two major outreach projects. During the school year we provide weekend food bags to nearly 100 children at our local Pre-K through 2nd grade elementary school.