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Diocese of Spokane

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About Diocese of Spokane

Welcome to the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane. Our vision is to be creative and
compelling witnesses to Jesus Christ in the Inland Northwest

The Episcopal Diocese of Spokane has 32 congregations, 2 specialized missions and one seasonal camp. Our diocese covers the Eastern side of Washington state beginning in the Cascade mountain range, down to the border with Oregon and encompassing the Northern panhandle of Idaho. 

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Contact Diocese of Spokane
1-509-624-3191 ext. 3

The Rt. Rev'd Gretchen M. Rehberg


The Rev. Cn. Susan Cleveley

Canon for Congregational Development & Transition Minister

Mallory Davis

Administrative Coordinator & Bishop's Executive Assistant

Laurie Boss

Financial Officer

Jeremy Armstrong

Administrative Assistant

Caroline McCall

Cn. for Congregational Development

Sara Gunter

Cn. for Youth and Family Ministries

Andrea Farley

Cn. for Formation