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Diocese of San Diego

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About Diocese of San Diego

Undeterred by borders or barriers, we are pilgrims with Jesus in relentlessly searching for others to befriend, know and invite to Christ's Eucharistic table of reconciliation and sacrificial love. 

We are 44 congregations that seek to share Christ's love, light and hope with all people. We are a household of God filled with fallible people doing our best to live into the dream of God instead of the nightmare of human creation. We support one another and we seek to cross barriers in society, politics, families and communities. 

We invite you to join us in this holy work and life.

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Featured Stories From Around the Diocese of San Diego

Agape San Diego, San Diego, CA

Agape Building Project

Driven by our core values of mercy and justice and growth in community, in 2021 we will break ground on a building project to offer affordable housing to 50+ students to live together in intentional community.


The Rt. Rev. Susan Brown Snook


The Rev. Canon Gwynn Lynch

Canon to the Ordinary

Ms. Keren Mondaca

Executive Assistant to the Bishop

Mr. Christian Gillette

Canon for Evangelism and Discipleship

The Ven. Pam Rieger


The Rev. Kirby M. Smith

Chiefd Financial Officer and Diocesan Treasurer

The Rev. Carlos Garcia

Latino Missioner

The Rev. Dr. Frank Munoz

Military Missioner

Mr. Chris Tumilty

Director of Communications

Mr. Jeff Green

Director of Operations and Safety Officer

Mr. Andre Catibayan


Ms. Charlette Preslar

Youth Missioner

The Rev. Deb Seles

Mission Catalyst

Ms. Alyson Terry


Ms. Destiny Cisneros

Administrative Assistant