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Diocese of Puerto Rico

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About Diocese of Puerto Rico

Can you imagine a church in which you can pray and worship God without ceasing to be yourself, without having to give up your traditions and culture; a church that welcomes you with open arms regardless of gender, preference, race, origin, socioeconomic status or social status?

This is the Episcopal Church, a church that welcomes you and your family with doors wide open. We are a church that welcomes the doubts of those who approach it and tries to answer all the questions, without pretending to have all the answers.

We are a church that preaches the values ​​of the Kingdom of God, which celebrates its diversity and recognizes the richness of each individual and the values ​​of their culture.

We celebrate the Eucharist and fraternally share the Body and Blood of Christ in each one of them.

We also celebrate baptisms, confirmations, weddings and when the pain knocks on your door, we are there to offer you our support. We are a Catholic church that has great similarities and differences with other churches of the Catholic tradition.

We are an incredibly active diocese of approximately 5,000 episcopalians. The Diocese has 58 Episcopal churches/missions spread throughout the diocese of Puerto Rico (including the island of Vieques and Culebra); other institutions include 3 Episcopal Schools, 2 retirement homes, San Lucas Hospital, multiple clinics, hospice and home care centers.  The San Pedro and San Pablo Seminary, Episcopal Funeral Services, Garden of Getsemaní Cementery, Canterbury's Print Shop, Episcopal Media Group and Episcopal Social Services Inc. (VIDAS) who use their 7 homes for care and their offices to offer their services to children, youth, and their families.

In the Episcopal Diocese of Puerto Rico we are a dynamic church that values the importance of mission and evangelism. We do everything possible to speak the language of love and hospitality with any family or individual that visits us. You are always welcome to the Diocese of Puerto Rico, we are Dynamic, Missionary and Evangelizing!

PO Box 902 Saint Just,  PR  00978-0902

1409 Ave. Ponce de León, 4to piso San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907-4025

Tel. (787) 761-9800 Fax: 787-761-0320

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(787) 761-9800

The Rt. Rev. Rafael Morales

Diocesan Bishop

The Rev. Canon Mario Rodríguez

Canon to the Ordinary

Yaitza Salinas

Diocesan Administrator

José R. Delgado

Director of Communications & Asset Map Administrator