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Diocese of Northern Michigan

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About Diocese of Northern Michigan

We are located in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our geographical features of lakes, rivers, streams, mountains, bogs and farmland make each of our areas unique. Our people following the Way of Jesus. We hope to meet you along the way.

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Contact Diocese of Northern Michigan
906-228-7160; fax: 906-228-7171

Rayford J. Ray


Jane Cisluycis

Canon to the Ordinary & Operations Coordinator

Lydia Kelsey Bucklin

Canon for Discipleship & Vitality

Kathy Binoniemi

Missioner for Finance & Support

Susan Harries

Missioner to the Huron District

Gin Mannisto

Missioner to the Huron District

Suzanne Ray

Missioner to the Hiawatha District

David Carlisle

Diocesan Missioner

Marna Franson

Diocesan Missioner

Brad Pickens

Diocesan Missioner

Lanni Lantto

MissionDeveloper - UP Wild Church