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Diocese of Michigan

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About Diocese of Michigan

The Episcopal Diocese of Michigan was organized in 1832 by Episcopal parishes in the territory of Michigan (which included present-day Wisconsin). From its beginning St. Paul’s Church in Detroit (the current Cathedral) served as the see of the diocese, and the early bishops served as rector of St. Paul’s. When Michigan became a state the boundaries of the diocese were fixed as the boundaries of the state. As the church grew the bishops found it difficult to administer such a large area, and the parishes farther from Detroit desired a bishop closer to their own areas and more attuned to their local needs. To address these concerns the diocese eventually was divided three times. The current Diocese of Michigan includes only the Detroit Metropolitan Area and adjacent regions as far west as Lansing, Jackson, and Hillsdale.

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Bishop Bonnie Perry

11th Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan

Crystal Ramirez

Executive Assistant to the Bishop

Canon Jo Ann Hardy

Canon to the Ordinary & Chief Operating Officer

Anna Stania

Director of Communications, Editor of The Record

Jennifer Elliott

Secretary, Diocesan Administration

Mark Miliotto

Canon for Finance & Chief Financial Officer

Kara Chapman


Sister Veronica Mary

Interim Director of The Whitaker Institute & Missioner for Telephone and On-Line Ministries for Small Congregations

Ellen Ekevag

Ministry Developer

Tali Perry

Canine to the Ordinary