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Diocese of Hawai'i

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About Diocese of Hawai'i

Aloha, E komo mai!

Our Diocesan motto is “HE LANAKILA MA KE KEʻA” (Victory through the Cross). Our diocesan ʻohana is united by faith in Jesus Christ and that is what we share with the world.

We take seriously our committment to incorporate “the Native Hawaiian Christian spiritual concepts of mana, malāma and pono into the overall life and work of the Church in all areas of ministry in the Diocese.” Ministry here must seek to care for others, creation and all that God has given us (malāma), to live righteously and in respect one for another (pono), and to find the holy (mana) that comes from God in all creation and all of God’s children.

It is into such a vision of ministry and mission that we can welcome all of the children of these Islands. Our Diocese must be a model of mālama in which we care one for another, for the hungry and lost of our islands and, especially, for those living all around us who do not know the love of God in Jesus Christ. We need to live these values so that we embody in our own time the courage of the First People of these islands – “Ka lā hiki ola.”

We are called to look to “the dawning of a new day.” The courage it took to sail into unknown waters guided by the stars, the clouds, the seas and the rising sun lives in us by the gift of the Holy Spirit. We are sailing into new waters, but we are guided by the cross of Christ, we are secure in the love of God through, we are piloted by the Holy Spirit, and we are assured of the outcome. He lanakila ma ke keʻa. Holo i mua.

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The Rt. Rev. Robert L. Fitzpatrick

Fifth Bishop of Hawai'i

The Rev. Cn. Alexander (Sandy) Graham

Canon for Congregational Life and Leadership

The Ven. Steve Costa

Archdeacon/Jubilee Officer